Grooming fees vary according to the breed, size and coat condition of your dog. It is recommended that your dog comes to the salon every 4-8 weeks depending on breed. 

All of our grooming services include a free Health & Welfare check to ensure your pet's suitability for grooming.

Tip! The Dog Spa recommends a Bath, Dry & Tidy in-between full grooms.

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e.g. Yorkie, Westie

Bath, Dry & Tidy - From £25

Full Groom - From £35

Hand Strip - From £45


e.g. Cocker Spaniel, Labradoodle

Bath, Dry & Tidy - From £30

Full Groom - From £40

Hand Strip - From £50


e.g. Retriever, Airedale*

Bath, Dry & Tidy - From £40

Full Groom - From £50

Hand Strip - From £60


Freshen Up!

Treat your pet to two warm washes using our 100% natural shampoo . Your pet will enjoy a relaxing nose to tail massage and a refreshing blueberry

& oatmeal facial.

Followed by a warm blow dry, face tidy, four paw pedicure, hygiene trim and finished off with a spritz of a natural fragrance.


Full Spa Experience

Keep your pet looking perfect with a Full Spa Experience every 4-8 weeks.

Everything a Bath, Dry & Tidy has to offer plus, clipping, scissoring and styling to your desired finish.


For Wire Coats/Gun Dogs

This treatment is designed for wire-haired breeds, this technique takes the dead outer coat from your dog without using scissors or clippers, leaving the new wire coat to grow through and keeping the dog’s natural coat colour and texture.

Two warm washes in our 100% natural shampoo is included 1-2 weeks after the hand strip, to prevent skin irritation caused by open pores.

*Giant breeds welcome - From £60

Puppy Introductions - From £25

We encourage that new puppies pay us a visit to socialise and get familiar with the sounds and the smells of the salon.

Puppies welcome for grooming from 14 weeks old. We recommend the Bath, Dry & Tidy service for their first experience.

Additional Services

Nails - £7.00. Nail are included in The Full Spa Experience

Ear Cleaning/Hair Removal - £3.00

Teeth Cleaning & Fresh Breath Gel- £7.00