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  • Please disclose, when booking, if your dog exhibits any difficult or aggressive behaviour, for the safety of your pet and the staff at The Dog Spa, Stoke Poges.

  • No liability will be accepted by The Dog Spa, Stoke Poges in the case of injury caused by difficult or aggressive behaviour of your pet.

  • No liability will be accepted by The Dog Spa, Stoke Poges when any health problem is uncovered or aggravated, by any part of the grooming process.

  • No dog will be subjected to stress or discomfort and all dogs will be groomed in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006. In the event of any dog requiring de-matting or removal of a matted coat, the owner should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process. Additional charges may apply.

  • Dogs presented with parasite infestations may incur additional charges.

  • We do not express anal glands.

  • All clients must fill out, sign and date a record card and agree to the disclaimer.

  • Please make sure all dogs are well walked and given ample opportunity to toilet before coming to their pet grooming appointment. 


  • The dog’s vaccinations are up to date.

  • All health issues are revealed at the time of consultation.

  • The dog is free from parasite infestations - Please inform us if you think your dog may have fleas/ticks etc. so it can be treated appropriately.

  • The dog’s coat is presented in “Normal Condition” that is; that you groom your dog at home regularly between appointments, and that you will present your dog at the salon in an un-matted state. Please inform us if you think your dog is matted. Fees may occur.

  • Owners must accept that if extensive extra work is needed due the coat condition, or the dogs behaviour lengthens the time taken to groom, this will be charged accordingly depending on how much extra time is required.

  • Payment will be made on completion of the groom.


Every appointment made has an allocated time slot tailored to your dog’s specific needs.  This is why we ask that you would kindly give us at least 24 hours notice prior to your appointment should you need to cancel, so we can offer the appointment to another customer.

If you do have to cancel and give 24 hours notice there is NO Charge.

If less than 24hrs notice is given, up to 50% of full grooming fee will apply.